We rely more than ever on collaborative working methods. We believe that it is favorable for a project to involve all stakeholders in the various stages of the project. This method allows us to gather important ideas and information from key people in a company and its customers. We can achieve a result that will reflect your business, and most importantly, a project you will be proud of.

Our mandate

Create a pleasant experience in an agency, thanks to a collaboration with our customers in order to obtain a result that meets your expectations and succeed the mandate the first time.

What sets us apart

We have developed a collaborative creativity process and an effective work methodology that allows us to fulfill our brand promise: customer satisfaction right the first time. Cinetic is always going further.

Cinetic is an unequaled experience.

Our team

To build large-scale projects and renowned products, the team works hard to innovate and surprise the people around. And when we succeed, we like to celebrate it as a team. It's part of the balance.

Brian Pott

Project Director / Print Strategy / Associate

Creative and disciplined, Brian has over 20 years of business management experience. His strong base in image communication and printing expertise combined with his sense of time management makes his ability to advise clients on high-performance digital tools.

Kevin Pott

Creative Director / Web Designer / Associate

Visionary and creative, Kevin has over 20 years of experience in digital media. He masters imaging in all its facets, including the interactivity of media and new technologies.

David Gélinas

Brand designer

With more than 20 years of agency experience, David is not afraid to break down barriers to create powerful brand universes that exceed expectations.

Charlotte Archambault

Brand strategist

A graduate in marketing, Charlotte excels when it comes time to tackle several projects at once. Her determination to achieve the client's goals and deliver imapactful results is at the center of her work.

Marco Armstrong

Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Front End Programmer

Talented and efficient, he knows how to create impact sites that accurately meet the needs of our customers. He uses his web expertise to design attractive and high-performance sites.

Angélique Todd

Front End Programmer

Angélique has carved a place for herself in the web team for her efficiency and attention to detail. Plus, since she's been here, the plants have a lot to thank her!

Alex Boutin

Application developer

Alex always has a solution. He sees each project as a new learning opportunity by finding new avenues and think outside the box. He has 1001 hobbies and has several strings to his bow.

Camila Beatrici Giacobo

Graphic artist

Camila never misses an opportunity to help her team. She stops at nothing, each project is a way to surpass herself and deliver more than up to par.

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