We are a web development company since 1999. Cinetic knows in detail the process to build your website with an unparalleled customer experience. We know how to make your projects with the biggest impact as well as being user friendly.

Web development

Always on the lookout for new visual trends on the web and new technologies, Cinetic designs sites where functionality is synonymous with beauty. All our web designs are optimized for a fluid user experience.

  • WordPress
  • Cinetic CMS
  • Cinetic web framework
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap
  • SEO
  • Online shop

Take control of your website.

Responsive websites

As soon as a web project starts at Cinetic, it is automatically designed to satisfy all present and future resolutions. Your site and your content adapts automatically. The menu and layout adapt to give an intuitive application experience on mobile devices.

Online shop

Being available at any time, no matter where or when, necessarily increases your sales. Cinetic designs transactional web sites that are easy to administer using open source platforms. Our expertise in online sales will accompany you throughout the process for a carefree experience.

Content management system

The day you had to contact your agency for every change is over. Cinetic understands that you are not a web developper. That's why we install a simple and easy-to-use content manager that gives you unparalleled autonomy.


The crucial steps for great SEO begin with relevant content and the structural quality of your website. Our expertise in web development will allow you to get an efficient and easy to index web site. Our SEO tools will maximize performance to achieve your goals.

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