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Do you own an electric or hybrid car? If so, you are surely familiar with Roulez Électrique, which is the reference in Quebec for electromobility. Having published more than 3,000 blog articles since its founding in 2012, the company has made its name by introducing the public to sustainable transportation and all that surrounds it. To date, an average of 56,000 visits are returned each month to its website and online store!

With so much traffic, Roulez Électrique had to have a website that simplified the search for information, while conveying the essence of the company. Thus, we carried out a complete overhaul and restructuring of the website: the tree structure, navigation and content have therefore been judiciously reviewed. In addition, since several people are busy adding content to the site on a daily basis, we made sure the process of modifying and adding information was user-friendly.

In the end, Roulez Électrique can now count on a site that will support it in its objective, which is to democratize the electric car and demystify its use and technology.

Visuel du site Web de Roulez Électrique sur mobile
Visuel du site Web de Roulez Électrique sur ordinateur