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Have you ever heard of Expo-Sciences, Les Débrouillards or the Défi Apprenti Génie? If so, did you know that all of these activities are overseen by an organization called Technoscience? Indeed, Technoscience’s mission is to promote leisure, culture and careers in science and technology among young people and the general public.

Technoscience Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec entrusted us with the mandate to simplify the navigation of its site in order to make it more fluid and more intuitive, while promoting the organization and the diversity of its offer. Thus, with a view to facilitating access to information, our team guided the members of the organization by giving them strategic advice on user experience and Web ergonomics. Our reflection was then translated into a menu displaying all the sections of the site, grouped by age groups and themes, but also in the form of shortcuts so that the different targets could easily access the content intended for them. An online store has also been set up to sell various products, such as scientific boxes.

If, like Technoscience MCQ, you need advice to improve the user experience of your site, we will be happy to help you! Contact us to come and chat over a good bag of chips!

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