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The last three years have been years marked by the arrival of key members at Cinetic. Although the Pott brothers are recognized for their expertise and their involvement, there are now several people at their side within the agency (you can discover them on the company’s social media platforms, where laughter is a key ingredient!) It is through a new image and a new positioning that the agency wanted to express the friendly and warm side that characterizes it so well.

Visuel de cartes d'affaires Cinetic
Visuel sacs Cinetic

MAKING CONNECTIONS, a way of doing, a way of being for more than 20 years!

Making connections with its collaborators to connect them in turn with their customers, this is the very essence of Cinetic, and this, since its beginnings in 1999. Whether it is during the creation of a brand or a website, the agency’s goal is and always will be to represent as faithfully as possible the offer and personality of its clients to enable them to attract their ideal clients and generate results.

This new positioning is accompanied by a revitalized logo and website that illustrate the link between our team and the client with a mandate. New colors have also been added to the brand universe.

Visuel Cinetic
Visuel Affiches Cinetic

« Over a bag of chips ! »

Even though the team members are good coffee drinkers, nothing beats their passion for a small (or big) bag of chips. They firmly believe that good ideas always come while having fun and a handful of chips! This is why you will be offered a bag during your next visit. “Making connections over a bag of chips”, nothing more Cinetic!

Créer des liens autour d'un chip
Visuel affiche Cinetic